5 “First Job” Mistakes New Grads Make

5 “First Job” Mistakes New Grads Make

If you’ve just landed your first job out of college, congratulations! So far so good…but don’t get too caught up in your own hype. As a leading recruiting agency, Peoplelink knows that if you’re like many new grads, you’re susceptible to making some common mistakes. Here’s a look at five – and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1. Not Being Professional.

From arriving five minutes late everyday to regularly checking your Facebook account to not dressing professionally, these errors in judgment may seem minor to you. However, they’re going to create the overall impression among your boss and co-workers that you have some growing up to do. This can ultimately hurt any opportunities for advancement.

Mistake #2. Acting Entitled.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could graduate from school and automatically earn a six-figure income? In the real world, though, you have to start somewhere…and it might be with some grunt work. But keep in mind, if you perform these lower level tasks well and with a great attitude, then your boss will take notice and give you more and more responsibility.

Mistake #3. Posting Reckless Comments on Social Media.

There is no such thing as privacy on the web. So be careful about what you post. You might have your account set to private, but someone else in your network might not – and could share that rant you posted about your new job.

Mistake #4. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Complete Tasks.

Pulling an all-nighter is one thing in college before a big test, but doing so on a regular basis won’t get you far in your new job. Not only will you likely not submit your best work, but your colleagues will get irritated with you as they wait on you to complete your part of a project.

Mistake #5. Not Acting Diplomatically.

You’re young, energetic and passionate about what you do, but you need to balance that enthusiasm with tact and grace. Don’t attack co-workers you disagree with or nit-pick every idea thrown out at a meeting. Instead, choose your battles and be gracious to all.

Also, when someone helps you out, be sure to thank them. They’ll be much more likely to do so again in the future if they feel appreciated.

Need Help Finding Your First Job?

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