5 Keys to Empowering Your Employees

5 Keys to Empowering Your Employees

The world’s leading organizations didn’t get there by chance. They are there for a number of reasons: outstanding products or services, amazing innovations, great branding, marketing and sales…the list can really go on and on but at the root of every great company, lie great people.
When talented people are empowered, the results can be astounding.

So as a manager, what can you do to get the best out of your staff? Start with these 5 keys to empowering your people:

  1. Provide training and guidance.
    If you give power and authority to someone without proper training, they are bound to fail. Conduct weekly training sessions with your employees. Discuss what worked and what didn’t. Use role playing as a way to help employees learn how to overcome challenging situations they may face. And finally, discuss different ways to approach the same problem or challenge. The best solutions often come from collaboration.
  2. Encourage innovation.
    You hire people to fill a specific need, role, or core job duty. But that doesn’t mean their talent ends there. Empower your employees to look beyond their basic job role and think about ways to improve their job function, the department, or the company as a whole. Just because things have always been done one way, it doesn’t always mean it’s the right way! Encourage employees to speak up, contribute, and innovate.
  3. Acknowledge your employees’ special talents.
    Everyone has a special skill or talent to bring to the table. As a manager, it’s your job to recognize those talents—and put them to good use! You’ll find that employees are more engaged and will put in even more effort when encouraged to use their special talents.Set achievable goals with milestones.
  4. Set clear goals.
    Set clear, defined and measurable goals.  But don’t just set goals on your own, gather employee buy-in. You’ll often find that employees set even loftier goals for themselves than you may have. And, if employees have a say in defining their own goals, they will become more vested in meeting those goals. Also, setting milestones along the way and celebrating those accomplishments will keep employees encouraged and working toward fulfilling the end goal.
  5. Provide a clear vision.
    If people don’t know “what” they are working towards and “why”, they have little incentive to follow through. Make sure you communicate the company’s vision clearly—explaining exactly what you are collectively working towards. Once the vision is clearly communicated, ask for feedback and buy-in.

In the end, empowerment is something that is intrinsic in nature. However, as a manager there are some things you can do to help push your team. Simply delegating tasks won’t ensure empowerment. You need to provide training, support, encouragement and recognition.
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