5 Tips for Handling Job Search Rejection

5 Tips for Handling Job Search Rejection

If you’re freshly laid off, here’s some good news – your mental health should get gradually better over the next three months. In fact, according to a new study led by a University of Minnesota professor and published in the Academy of Management Journal, the average laid off worker experiences a steady improvement in mental health.

The bad news?

This positive trend doesn’t last as the rejection letters and emails begin to pile up at about the 10- to 12-week mark.

So how can you maintain a positive frame of mind while dealing with job search rejection?

1. Don’t Take a Job Rejection Too Personally.

As a leading recruitment firm, Peoplelink knows if you were rejected for a job, you likely received a form letter, so you may not know the “real” reason you didn’t get the job offer. But regardless, don’t take it personally. Just because you weren’t a match for one particular position doesn’t mean you’re not an outstanding professional. So brush it off and move on.

2. Learn from the Experience.

Was there an interview question you felt you handled poorly? Or did you miss an opportunity to really promote your strengths? In other words, ask yourself if there is something you can improve upon so you don’t make the same interviewing mistakes twice.

3. Accept that Rejection is a Fact of Life.

As a leading recruitment firm, Peoplelink knows that there are very few professionals out there – if any at all – who have never been rejected during the job search process. It’s simply a fact of life, so accept it and move on.

4. Seek Out Support.

If you’re really upset about a particular job rejection, then seek out mutual support via a networking group or job search forum. It’s comforting and helpful to connect with others who are in a similar position as you.

5. Get Professional Help From a Recruitment Firm.

Reach out to a recruitment firm and get help from people that have the knowledge, experience, and networks to connect you with rewarding job opportunities. They can also help you craft an effective resume and brush up on your interviewing skills.

Need Some Help With Your Job Search?

If you do, give us a call. As a leading recruitment firm, Peoplelink will act as your career adviser to help you find job opportunities and employers that are the best fit for your skills and interests. Contact Peoplelink today to learn more.