5 Tips for Hiring Your Next Right Hand Man (or Woman)

5 Tips for Hiring Your Next Right Hand Man (or Woman)

You’re working around the clock and still not finishing your “to do” list. Heck, you’re not even getting your “must do” list done!

If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to hire a right hand man (or woman)…a.k.a. an assistant. From handling your administrative headaches to helping you stay on schedule, an effective assistant can truly prove to be invaluable.

But as one of the top staffing agencies around, Peoplelink knows you can’t just hire the first person that comes your way. You need to take a strategic approach to ensure you hire right. To help you, here are some tips to consider:

Tip #1: Think About Your Unique Needs.

For example, do you travel a lot and require someone with experience making travel arrangements? Do you attend a lot of meetings and need someone who can type quickly and take meeting notes? Or do you require someone who can create PowerPoint presentations on a moment’s notice, complete with complex charts and graphs?

Tip #2: Write Your Job Description.

Once you know what your needs are, craft a job description that includes those requirements. Also include any other important details, such as if the assistant will be split between two supervisors or will simply report to one.

Tip #3: Screen Resumes.

Look for candidates with error-free resumes and toss those laden with spelling mistakes in the trash. After all, if they can’t spell your name right, do you think they’ll spell your most important client’s name right?!

Also, in today’s tight job market, you’ll likely wind up with resumes from many candidates who aren’t qualified or who don’t have any experience as an assistant. So filter those candidates out before creating a short list of ones you’re interested in.

If you still have too many candidates to screen by phone or in an interview, then look for those who have experience working in your industry or with similarly sized companies. They’ll likely have a shorter learning curve than those without comparable experience.

Tip #4: Conduct Interviews.

If you have more than a few candidates left on your list, then conduct 15-minute phone screens first. You’ll be able to ask important questions, fill in any gaps left by their resumes, and get a better sense of each candidate – and whether you want to interview them in person.

If you only have a few candidates, then skip the phone screen and conduct face-to-face interviews. While you’ll want to ask plenty of questions about skills and experience, don’t forgot to evaluate the candidate’s personality too. After all, you’re going to be working side-by-side with this person, so you need to mesh well.

Tip #5: Test and Verify.

Once you’ve interviewed a candidate, test skills that are important for the position, such as typing speed or aptitude with PowerPoint or Excel. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who says they’re experts at creating spreadsheets only to find out they can’t even figure out how to turn the computer on. Also, make sure you verify at least three references.

Want to Outsource the Hiring Process?

If you’d prefer to outsource the hiring process to staffing experts, give Peoplelink a call. As one of the top staffing agencies around, we can help source, screen, interview, test, and verify candidates – all so you get the top-notch assistant you need! Contact Peoplelink today to learn more.



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