9 Resources to Help You Understand How Health Reform Impacts Your Company

9 Resources to Help You Understand How Health Reform Impacts Your Company

Love it, or hate it, the new health reform law is here to stay, at least for now. That means you need to get up-to-speed on how the specifics of the law impact your company in terms of the benefits you offer.

To help you navigate your way, here are some resources Peoplelink has put together:

Resource #1: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This site explains the provisions that provide new coverage options for small businesses, large businesses, and the self-employed. It also has information about employer responsibility and tax policy under the new law.

Resource #2: Consumers Union

The publisher of Consumer Reports has developed a guide about the health reform law, which includes pertinent information on changes for small businesses, like tax credits and new reporting requirements.

Resource #3: Department of Labor

The DOL has information developed specifically for employers, including a FAQ sheet that covers topics like grandfathered plans, dental and vision coverage, and preventive health services.

Resource #4: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

To provide additional clarity on the health care reform law, NAIC has developed a brief, educational video to address frequently asked questions. It covers issues of interest like employer mandates, healthcare exchanges, and Medicare.

Resource #5: IRS

If you’re most interested in the tax implications of the new law, then the IRS site is the place to go. It offers news releases, multimedia material and legal guidance related to health care reform.

Resource #6: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The chamber has created a guide, specifically designed for businesses, titled “Critical Employer Issues in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

Resource #7: U.S. Small Business Association

If you’re a small business owner and don’t know how this legislation impacts you, your business, and your employees, then the SBA site is a good place to start. It offers information on requirements for plan administrators, the health care tax credit, and what you need to do to continue supplying employee benefits and complying with new regulations.

Resource #8: National Business Group on Health

This particular resource is geared toward larger employers and covers national health policy issues. It also offers a Health Reform Implementation and Communications Toolkit.

Resource #9: Your Health Insurance Provider(s)

Connect with your insurance provider(s) to get the information you need. They’re likely staying on top of all the key issues and provisions, and should be able to explain how health reform impacts the specific insurance plans you offer to your employees.

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