April Showers! How To Rain Encouragement on Employees

April Showers! How To Rain Encouragement on Employees

When the clocks sprang forward last month, employees across the U.S. not only lost an hour of sleep, but also an hour of time in their workday. Though many workers are already pushed to increase productivity and do more with less, there are steps employers can take to promote high performance and battle burnout – and it all starts with encouragement.

Set the Tone

As one of the top nationwide recruitment agencies, Peoplelink can tell you teams often become more positive when they have a positive leader. That is why setting a good example is the first step you can take toward encouraging your team to achieve excellence. If you’re walking around morosely or regularly lose your temper, you’re letting negativity and uncertainty take center stage.

Praise Early and Often

Praise is free and easy, yet oftentimes overlooked by managers as a motivational tool. But if you want employees to stay encouraged, then you need to say “thank you” or “good job” when it’s warranted. Whether it’s calling an employee into your office and thanking them for a job well done, or posting an important goal met by a team member in the company blog, get in the habit of celebrating employees who go above and beyond.

Share the Wins

When the company achieves a milestone or a new client is acquired, share the good news with your staff. But don’t stop there. Explain to them why it’s meaningful, the impact it will make, and how they will be directly impacted by it.

Focus on Employee Satisfaction 

Most companies focus on customer satisfaction. But it’s important to also focus on employee satisfaction. After all, the happier your workers are on the job, the better they’re going to treat your customers.

So talk with your staff. Find out what’s working and what’s not. Learn about areas where they feel they’re not getting the support or resources they need to do their best work. Listen to them and then put some of their ideas into action.

Let Your Employees Make Decisions

The greatest encouragement and personal happiness comes from goals and decisions made for ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to give your employees some level of autonomy in their jobs. When they have a sense of ownership, not only are they more likely to work harder, but they’ll also produce better results and be happier for it. Plus, when employees have some decision making power, it signals that you trust them.

Encouraging employees can be challenging, especially in these times. But follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your staff engaged and on track toward achieving success.

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