Building Employee Loyalty

Building Employee Loyalty

Would your employees jump through walls for you? Well, some companies’ employees would! If your’s isn’t one of them, here are a few ideas for building more employee loyalty in your company:

Hire More Carefully.

As a leading staffing agency, Peoplelink can tell you that when there’s a good fit between employee and employer, an employee is more likely to stay on at an organization longer. The trouble is, many companies find themselves hiring out of desperation or spending most of the hiring process assessing skill set, not personality. But when you spend the time to ensure you hire someone who can do the job AND who will mesh well with the culture, your company will benefit in the long run.

So how do you ensure a good fit?

Introduce job candidates to employees at the company and encourage them to have a conversation about what it’s like working at the company. Also, invite top candidates in to perform some temporary work or a sample project. That way, both you and the candidate get a much stronger sense of whether or not they’re right for the position and your company.

Give Employees a Reason to Stay.

Gone are the days when workers simply went to their jobs each day to earn a paycheck. Today’s employees are looking for job satisfaction and fulfillment. And when they feel like they’ve hit a dead end, then they’re much more likely to start searching for a new job.

To avoid this, give your employees plenty of opportunities to enhance their skill set and take on new responsibility. When they feel engaged, productive and challenged, they’re much more likely to stay on the job at your company.

Give Employees a Sense of Control.

Show your employees that you trust them. Give them the freedom to make decisions, work from home when they want to, and create their own schedules to better balance work and family obligations. Not only will they be happier and more balanced when the have more control of their jobs, but they’ll also be inspired to go above and beyond to deliver positive results.

Need More Help Hiring Loyal Employees?

If you do, let Peoplelink know. As a leading staffing agency, we can partner with you to get to know your staffing needs and company culture. We’ll then get to work finding exceptional talent with the right skills, personality, and drive to deliver. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more.