Clever Office Halloween Costumes

Clever Office Halloween Costumes

Is your office Halloween-friendly? More and more employers are becoming accepting of office Halloween celebrations. They provide a great opportunity to show some personality at work, bond with your co-workers, and let loose a bit before the stressful holiday season.

Is your costume at the head of the pack?

There’s still time to put together a costume that puts your co-workers to shame. Stand out from the pack and earn major props from your co-workers by choosing one of the following five clever Halloween costumes:

  1. The office vending machine. It is some office’s best friend – the trusty vending machine. Show your appreciation for this trusted office friend by wearing a subtle black outfit…then cover yourself in your favorite candy, snacks and junk food. Dollars or quarters add to the mystique and “validity” of your costume as well! Just be careful – your co-workers may poach your costume!
  2. Your boss. Careful with this one! If your boss isn’t known for his or her sense of humor, this might not be received well. But, if your office gets involved and enjoys a little gentle ribbing now and again, you may want to put together a costume that emulates your boss (or even a co-worker with a specific style).
  3. Dreaded leftovers. Do you need a hazmat suit to open your office refrigerator due to stinky, old leftovers? Even if your office is (luckily) not subjected to a stinky fridge, a unique play on this office staple can be put together relatively easily. Depending on your mood (or budget), you could wrap yourself in foil and carry around pieces of pizza all day (if they’ll last!), or, you could fashion a large lunch bag, and walk around with a juice box and other lunch snacks. Beware – extra calorie consumption is a risk with this outfit!
  4. Quarterback. This clever costume is for those who are minimalists (or extremely cheap!). Wear a plain shirt (black works best) and tape a quarter to your back…you’re a quarterback (get it?!).
  5. Buccaneer. Forget Jack Sparrow! For another affordable, yet clever, Halloween costume, hang a dollar bill from each ear…and voila, you’re a “buccaneer.”

While these costumes each offer a unique way to celebrate Halloween at your office this year, the most important part of Halloween is to have fun! The entire Peoplelink Staffing team wishes you a safe and fun Halloween!



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