Get 2014 Started Right

Get 2014 Started Right

As a leading staffing agency, Peoplelink knows the start of a new year is a great time to take a step back and assess what’s going well at work – and what could use some improvement.

If you’d like to enhance your overall productivity and boost wellness in the process, here are a few tips to consider:

Take more breaks. 

It sounds counterintuitive to enhance productivity by taking breaks, but it actually works. While you think you’re staying focused by sitting at your desk all day, you’re probably far less energized than you could be as a result.

However, by getting up a few times a day and taking a quick walk around the office or to the water cooler, you’ll improve blood flow and enhance your energy level.

Learn to prioritize and delegate.

It’s easy to lose hours on tasks that aren’t critically important, or working on a project you could delegate to someone else. But if you want to boost your productivity, you need to learn how to prioritize work and delegate where you can.

For instance, at the end of each day, make a “to do” list for the next day, listing tasks in order of importance. You’ll have a clearer sense of what absolutely needs to be accomplished each day…and what can wait.

Set goals. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and to not set goals for the future. But it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture of what you want to achieve throughout the year. Doing so will help you focus on tasks and projects that are more significant and can help boost your productivity – and your career – in the process.

Get an early start.

There’s nothing more stressful than getting to work 10 minutes late and feeling like you’re starting the day a step behind. Instead, try to get up a little earlier every morning and get to work. Or, you can get to work at the same time, but just check your email and messages at home in the early morning hours so you’re not bombarded the second you arrive at the office. You’ll feel less stressed and more in control as a result.


In today’s cutthroat economy, it can be difficult to unplug and unwind. But in order to stay healthy and productive, relaxation is a must.

So use your vacation days, take care of your body through diet and exercise, and spend time doing things you enjoy. If your life is all work and no play, you’ll quickly become disengaged and unhappy – not exactly a recipe for career success!

And if one if your career resolutions for 2014 is to find a new job, call Peoplelink. As a leading staffing agency, we can help you craft a resume that gets results, prep for interviews, and connect you with job opportunities that are a great match for your skills and experience.

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