Happy Thanksgiving, Sincerely

Happy Thanksgiving, Sincerely

Edward Winslow historically wrote in Mourt’s Relation of the first harvest at Plymouth being one of such plenty that many of the English Separatists wrote their friends and family in England to tell them about it. Separatist and Native American alike shared in the three day feast that has endured nearly four centuries since: that of Thanksgiving.

Though the celebration of bountiful harvest continues to be observed since its inception in 1621, the holiday has metamorphosed greatly with the eroding winds of time. Most of those whom partake in the Thanksgiving holiday, when asked to describe it in just a few words, will offer up words such as “thankful”, “turkey”, “football”, and “family”, and accurately so, according to more recent tradition. But having read Winslow and Bradford’s account of the first Thanksgiving, there seems to be something adjunct in the authors’ account that might not be as appropriately intact in the modern partaker’s view of the holiday – being a passionate sincerity in the thankful observance of all that we so easily take for granted from one day to the next. It comes as no surprise, in this age of digital distraction; yet, the Thanksgiving holiday seems to be one involving not just praise of all we’re entitled to, but sincere thanks for all we have through natural provision.

We can all share in our ancestors’ gratitude for the fruits we can expect to yield in the sowing of the proper seed – a yield worthy of praise, for the natural and equally supernatural processes out of our control that create the sustenance we live by. Happy Thanksgiving to all; let’s all be sincere in giving thanks for all we possess by our own efforts and by grace.


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