How To Be More Accessible At Work

How To Be More Accessible At Work

Everyone gets busy. But as one of today’s leading recruiting agencies, Peoplelink knows that being more accessible at work can make you a better leader for your staff. Here are three ways to be more accessible within the workplace – and build a stronger team as a result:

Ask Questions 

In general, opening the lines of communication is critical to becoming more accessible at work. One way to do that is through asking your team questions.

For instance, by asking them things like “how can I better support you?” or “what do you need from me to be more successful?” you’re sending the message that you want to create a better workplace; that you’re all in this together; and you’re also finding out vital information that can improve productivity among your team.

So where do you start?

In the beginning, set up formal townhalls or discussions in which to ask questions and garner information from your staff. Going forward, though, you can have “office hours.” In other words, leave your office door open during a set period each day so that employees can come to you with feedback, questions and concerns.

Increase Social Visibility

A big part of accessibility involves actually seeing you in and around the office. So:

  • Make an effort to “walk the job” regularly. Talk to your staff about what they’re working on and the challenges they’re facing.
  • Don’t eat lunch behind closed doors. Sit with different team members every day and learn more about them on a personal level.
  • Host informal gatherings, such as breakfast briefings and company picnics and actually plan to be there for a period of time.
  • If you need to communicate important information on a regular basis, consider using technology, such as a company blog, to support your in-person efforts. Invite comments and feedback from your staff.

Remember Birthdays and Other Important Events 

Sure, money and better benefits can be powerful motivators. However, one incentive that doesn’t cost nearly is much is recognition. While the thrill or excitement over a raise will eventually pass, when you regularly recognize an employee’s personal milestones, it will have a more lasting impact. Employees will view you as a boss who cares and they’ll be more loyal as a result.

If one of the reasons you’re not accessible is because you’re simply too busy, give Peoplelink a call. As one of today’s leading recruiting agencies, we can connect you with smart, qualified, and dependable people who can help supplement your core staff temporarily, or join your team permanently, so you have more time to focus on other priorities.

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