How to Effectively Delegate

How to Effectively Delegate

If you’re like most managers, you’ve risen in the ranks because you took challenges head-on and completed things yourself. You’ve shown initiative and a go-getter attitude. You’re probably also battling the same issue as your peers—learning to how to delegate.

The simple truth is that if you don’t learn to delegate; you’re bound to fail (or collapse) at some point. So, here are a few tips to help you loosen the grip and hand off some tasks:

  1. Determine what you can hand off. Examine your task list and rank what items you MUST handle on your own and what items someone else could possibly handle.
  2. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your staff. Effective delegation means setting up your staff for success, not failure. Not everyone is going to be able to handle the same tasks. Look at your staff and determine each person’s strengths; then delegate tasks that play to those strengths.
  3. Set specific goals. Clearly communicate goals and expectations when handing off a task. Make sure your staff knows exactly what is expected from them, and assign exact due dates to ensure you meet your deadline (remember, even though you’re delegated you are still responsible for the task).
  4. Set milestones and check-ins for longer tasks. If you are delegating a longer-term project or task, set specific milestones and check-in frequently to ensure the project is on track and your staff has the needed tools and resources to complete their duties.
  5. Don’t micromanage. There is a difference between staying on top of things and micromanaging. Effective delegators ensure their staff stays focused and they contribute advice or resources when needed—without stepping in too much and taking control back.

We hope you find these tips on delegation helpful. If you find that your day is too consumed with non-critical tasks, Peoplelink can help. We offer an array of skilled and professional temporary support so you can focus on more strategic objectives. Call us today!


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