How to Discuss Your “Big Idea” With the Boss

How to Discuss Your “Big Idea” With the Boss

Presenting new ideas to the boss always comes with some risk. You might get shot down, or change your boss’s perception of you. As a result, it can be a nerve-wracking experience.

However, on the flip side, ideas are what keep businesses thriving and moving forward – and if you have a great one you think will serve your company well, you could put yourself in a position for a future promotion by presenting it.

So to help you put your best foot forward, here are some ideas for properly presenting your big idea to the boss:

Think it through. 

As an experienced recruiting agency, we know the last thing you want is to present your idea, only to have your boss poke a huge hole in it within a matter of seconds. So ask yourself some important questions and prepare the background information you need to answer them. These kinds of questions include:

  • “Is this really a good idea for my company?”
  • “What are the potential benefits?”
  • “What are the potential pitfalls?”
  • “How long would it take to implement?”
  • “How much would it cost?”
  • “What’s the long-term impact of the idea on the company/employees/customers?”

Approach your boss at the right time.  

If your company is in the midst of completing a major RFP and everyone is up against a tight deadline, then it’s certainly not the time to discuss your big idea with the boss. Instead, wait for a time when things have slowed down and your boss has had a chance to catch his or her breath.

Start off with a problem.  

What problem does your idea solve? Does it save the company money or time? Does it put the company’s products or services in front of a larger audience? Does it help streamline operations? Whatever it does, present the problem to your boss first – such as “we’ve been having issues meeting customer demand lately” – and then propose your idea as the solution to that specific problem.

Connect your idea to the company’s mission and/or vision.  

If part of your company’s mission is, for example, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and you’ve developed a plan for reducing paper waste and cutting down on use of office supplies, then make sure you cite that portion of the mission in your presentation.

The bottom line is that presenting a new idea to your boss can certainly be a stressful experience. But if you don’t ever take any risks, then your career will likely stagnate as a result.

And if you’re ready to move forward in your career, but there isn’t much room for growth at your current company, give us a call. As a recruiting agency with nearly 25 years of experience, we can work with you to find top opportunities that are a match for your skills and experience. Get started now.