How to Impress Your Boss and Get Promoted

How to Impress Your Boss and Get Promoted

Some people just seem to be on the fast track in their career.  They landed a great first job.  They’ve been promoted.  They have more responsibility.  They just seem to get all the breaks.

Well, the truth of the matter is that most of these people aren’t just “getting breaks,” they have worked hard and put themselves in the right position.  So what can you do to ensure success in your career?

Here are a few tips to help you climb the corporate ladder faster:

  1. Set specific goals.
    In order to reach your career goals, you need to know what they are!  Set very specific goals and milestones for yourself and write them down.  Make sure you assign specific timeframes and continue to look at this list.  It will help keep you on track and focused.
  2. Have a career plan.
    You probably wouldn’t start a cross country trip without a map, a GPS or a smart phone to help plan your route.  Likewise, you need a plan to meet your career destination.  If you’re just beginning a new job, have a six month to a year plan.  If you’re further in your career have short-term (one to two year plans) and long-term plans (five year).  And, make sure you include goals in your plan!
  3. Find a mentor.
    Search for someone who is successful, highly regarded, and who has already achieved some of your career goals.  Then learn from them.  Find out what route they took.  Discuss their ups and downs.  Ask for their advice and guidance to make sure you stay on track.
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively with management.
    Don’t be shy about your career goals (as long as they are reasonable)!  Make sure that management knows that you want to better yourself and better the company.  Often, they will help to provide the training and guidance needed to make sure you do achieve your goals.
  5. Dress and act the part.
    As cliché as it sounds, you need to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  Your personal appearance and the way your carry yourself each day leave an impression on your peers and your supervisors.  You need to decide what impression you want to leave.

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