Is Employee Turnover a Good Thing?

Is Employee Turnover a Good Thing?

When an employee quits, it’s bad, right? Well, not always.

But as an experienced staffing agency, Peoplelink knows that the topic of “employee turnover” is almost always discussed in a negative light. After all, what manager really wants to deal with all the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of the recruiting and hiring process?

Let’s face it, though. Sometimes turnover is just plain good.

For instance, an employee may have lost enthusiasm or motivation within their position. Or perhaps they’ve outgrown the company in other ways. Whatever the case, they’re disengaged…and them leaving is a positive for your company.

Another instance in which turnover is a good thing is when a low performer or someone with a bad attitude leaves. Even better, when they quit and gain employment with one of your competitors.

Some benefits of this kind of turnover include the opportunity to introduce fresh, new talent into the company. This can re-invigorate productivity and bring new life to your team. In addition, in some cases, turnover can also lead to cost savings when you hire a less experienced professional to replace a more experienced one.

That said, not all turnover is good.

Clearly, you’re not going to be pleased when you lose a mission critical member of the team to the competition. Or when a key senior member, who seems irreplaceable, decides to retire.

The bottom line, though, is that the issue of turnover is complex. It’s not all good…or all bad either. So rather than focusing your retention efforts on retaining all employees, focus them on retaining key employees instead. Those are the people that are difficult and costly to replace, so you’ll be better off in the long run.

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