Losing Out on Top Candidates? Streamline Your Hiring Process

Losing Out on Top Candidates? Streamline Your Hiring Process

You’ve interviewed dozens of candidates and conducted three rounds of interviews to find the perfect fit. Come to find out that person was hired a week and a half ago by your competitor! What can you do? Here are a few ways to deal – and shorten your time to hire so you don’t lose out on top talent in the future:

Know where to find the best talent.

Where you source talent will depend on the position you’re looking to fill. But determine those outlets ahead of time, before a key worker hands in their two-weeks notice. Otherwise, you’ll be left scrambling and possibly overlooking fertile sources of candidate leads.

In addition, more than half of today’s job candidates are using mobile devices to search for jobs. So if your company career website isn’t optimized for smart phones and tablets, you could be missing out on a large pool of qualified candidates.

Build a talent pipeline.

You should always be recruiting talent – even if you’re not hiring. So, for instance, maintain relationships with qualified candidates you’ve interviewed in the past who may not have gotten the job or who may have turned down an offer. In addition, use social media to connect with new job candidates. You’ll create an employment brand in the process, enabling you to attract candidates faster.

Unplug process bottlenecks.

Even with today’s technology, bottlenecks abound in the hiring process. So examine your process and identify areas in which you can simplify things.

For instance, if background checks are taking too long and resulting in candidate’s accepting other opportunities, then make the offer earlier contingent upon passing the check. If the interview process is simply too long, then invest more time in phone screening and invite only a handful of candidates to interview in-person, rather than a dozen.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

Another simple way to streamline your hiring process is to partner with a reputable recruiting agency. They can handle the entire process for you, from sourcing qualified candidates to interviewing and skills testing, all so you wind up with a few talented individuals from which to choose.

If you’re ready to simplify your hiring process with the help of a recruiting expert, give Peoplelink a call. As a leading recruiting agency, we’ve successfully placed more than 150,000 people in temporary and full-time positions with clients all over the country. And we can help you too.

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