How to Approach Your First Day on a Temporary Assignment

How to Approach Your First Day on a Temporary Assignment

Perhaps you were hoping to land a full-time job. But if you’re like many Americans, you’ve only been able to secure temporary work.

Or maybe you prefer temporary work over permanent employment. After all, it does offer a host of benefits, including varied assignments and a more flexible lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be for you, as one of today’s top recruitment agencies, Peoplelink knows you should approach your first day on a temporary assignment the same: As a total pro.

Just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean you can slack off. If you do, not only will you be out of the running for a full-time position, but the temp agency will be unlikely to offer you the best (or any!) assignments in the future if they feel you’re under-performing.

While you might be a little nervous, keep in mind that the first day is usually the hardest. To help you ease yourself into your new assignment – and knock it out of the park – here are some suggestions to consider:

Bring your “A” game.

It’s easy to work hard to impress during your first few days on your assignment; but then you might relax and start to slow down in some areas. Don’t let this happen!

Stay on top of your game throughout the entire assignment so the employer is sorry to see you go. If that’s the case, they may request you again and again, and may even offer you a full-time position in the future.

Be prepared.

Make sure you’re fully briefed on the assignment, the company, and who to report to. Be sure to arrive in plenty of time (that means early), particularly on your first day, and dress appropriately for the kind of environment you’ll be working in.

If you’re not sure how to dress, then ask your temporary staffing agency for some insight. And the rule of thumb is that it’s better to over-dress on your first day then to show up under-dressed.

Listen and take notes.

When your supervisor is giving you directions, listen carefully and take notes. You might think you’ll remember the details, but chances are, you won’t. Training is a time-consuming process for all involved, however it’s extremely frustrating to a supervisor when they have to review the same topics or tasks again and again.

Learn the policies.

Even though you’re not technically an employee of the company, be sure to follow the company’s policies and procedures regarding breaks, lunch time, office hours, health and safety guidelines, etc.

Be friendly and try to fit in.

Some employees might look at you as a threat to their own job. So be aware of that mindset ahead of time and don’t take it personally. Instead, be friendly to everyone you come in contact with and make an effort to get to know them during breaks.

Give plenty of notice.

If you have to call-in or are going to be arriving late, give plenty of notice to your staffing agency so they can notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

Need Help Finding Temporary Assignments?

If you do, give Peoplelink a call. As one of today’s top recruitment agencies, we have the expertise and network to connect you with temporary jobs that are the best fit for you. Or, if you want to turn a temporary assignment into a full-time job, read our post Temp to Perm: 5 Tips for Making Yourself Too Valuable to Let Go.