Sluggish Economy Calls for Strategic Staff Deployment

Sluggish Economy Calls for Strategic Staff Deployment

Peoplelink’s Chief Operating Officer, in a recent interview, says that a recession unlike any in the recent past has created a recovery also unlike any other.  “This sluggish, stubborn recovery demands that the ‘same old’ business model is given a major makeover,” Mattern says, “This ‘new normal’ business environment makes it necessary to rethink how human resources are acquired and deployed.”

Companies small and large are picking up on the signs of an economic uptick, but are taking great care in how and where they are adding new people.  Peoplelink believes that a slow and steady recovery is underway, but that this recovery is not like any in the recent past.  “Since the founding of Peoplelink in 1987, there have only been two major recessions, one in 1990 to 1991, and the second one in 2001.  In both cases, the recoveries were rather normal and predictable.  With this most recent recession, we’ve been ‘recovering’ for a year, and there still is no predictability to where we are headed.”

Given all the uncertainties of today’s landscape, Mattern urges companies to “get strategic” in how they manage their human capital.  Where as in the past, firms build staff levels to the highest point of their seasonal demand, Mattern says that staff levels should consistently remain at 70% to 80% of peak demand.  “The peak staffing demands that go with seasonal needs or unique order cycles can be filled by contingent labor – that is Peoplelink’s expertise.”  With this type of strategic management of human resources, companies can remain competitive by keeping their costs-to-produce as efficient as possible.

“The staffing industry has just experienced a record year in 2010, mostly due to this shift in staffing strategy by U.S. firms.  We expect this trend to continue into the future, and quite frankly, we believe that this is becoming a permanent fixture in the business landscape,” Mattern says.

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Peoplelink has taken a very contemporary approach to staffing.  From their highly structured Assurelink® Risk Prevention program to their striking corporate marketing and identity materials, the emphasis is on leading-edge technology and delivering measurable results to their clients.  Peoplelink offers a wide range of staffing support for light industrial and administrative needs.  They also provide professional staff augmentation within the disciplines of IT/Technical, Accounting/Financial and Science & Healthcare.

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