Winter Safety Tips for Work

Winter Safety Tips for Work

Winter will be here before you know it. To help ensure you keep your workplace safe – and avoid accidents – here are some winter safety tips to consider:

Keep Floors Clean & Dry 

One of the biggest hazards is due to wet and snowy days and slippery walkways and floors in the workplace. So make sure your parking lots are plowed and sidewalks are shoveled and salted. Don’t ever ask an employee to shovel the sidewalk. If they get injured, you could be held liable.

Also, be sure to have a doormat by each entrance so employees can wipe their feet upon entering. If an area of the floor does become wet, clean it up immediately. Clean, dry floors are the easiest way to prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

Set Rules for Drivers

If you have employees who drive as a regular part of their jobs, be sure to set some ground rules ahead of time. Instruct them to take precautions before getting on the road, such as taking the time to scrape any snow or ice off their vehicles. If weather is bad, they should be driving at reduced speeds. Also, ask them to ensure their tires have good treads and tire pressure and that they have a safety kit in their cars in case of an emergency.

Beware of Space Heaters 

Be careful about using space heaters in an office. If set near paper products or other flammables, a fire could ensue. Instead, make sure your heating system is working properly and maintained well. Also make sure that there are no boxes or stacks of papers covering heating vents.

Keep Outdoor Workers Safe

If you have workers who will be outside working in the cold temperatures, make sure that they adhere to the following rules:

  • Wearing several layers of loose clothing. Tight clothing reduces blood flow.
  • Wearing insulated and waterproof boots.
  • Wearing a hat at all times.
  • Wearing mittens or gloves and using heating packs throughout the day.
  • Bringing an extra change of clothing in case they get wet.
  • Taking breaks and keeping hydrated.

Report Downed Lines

If there’s a winter storm resulting in downed power lines near your office, report them immediately.

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