Elevate Your Hiring With These Best Practices

Elevate Your Hiring With These Best Practices

Your days are busy. As the economy continues to improve, employers are expect more productivity and output, with what feels like less time. With so many responsibilities, hiring can sometimes feel like an afterthought.

Effective hiring is essential to your long-term success.
It can seem like an inconsequential move, but cutting attention to your hiring practices can have a profound impact on your company’s bottom line. Follow these tips to keep your company at the head of the pack, and ensure you only hire the best talent:

  • Offer competitive salaries. If you want to attract top talent, you’ll have to offer competitive compensation. Search the job listings of your competition to see what they’re offering. If you can’t offer wages at the same level, take a look at your benefits package. Can you offer more vacation? Do you have bonus opportunities? Make your compensation stand out, and you’ll reap the rewards – better talent and more results.
  • Take a look at your interview process. Google “interview questions” and you can come up with an endless supply of questions to ask potential employees during an interview. There’s nothing wrong with getting some inspiration; however, take some time to ensure you’re completing a thorough, useful interview. Posting jobs and sorting through resumes is time-consuming. By the time you get to the interview portion of the process, you’re likely ready to move it along, already. Ask the right questions during your interview, and you’ll be able to assess whether a candidate has the skills for the job. But you’ll also be able to determine whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for your business. Culture fit is an essential component to an employee’s success – and one that is often ignored by employers.
  • Write effective job descriptions. Save yourself time and stress by writing thorough, effective job descriptions before you even begin looking for new employees. Meet with employees, managers, and other staff who can provide insight into what it takes to succeed in the role, then present those requirements in your job description. Clearly outline what it will take to succeed in the role, and you’re more likely to get targeted, qualified responses.
  • Treat candidates like human beings. You may have called or interviewed 50 candidates for one job opening, but the candidate walking into your interview is only there to meet you. Show genuine interest in meeting candidates and speaking to them about your career opportunity. You’re more likely to put a candidate at ease and get better responses, and you’re also building a relationship with the candidate. You may not choose this candidate for a specific role, but you don’t know when you’ll cross paths down the line.

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