Choosing the Right Candidate

Choosing the Right Candidate

As a leading recruiting agency, Peoplelink knows the hiring process can often come down to two or three excellent candidates. So how do you decide?

Each candidate has their own strengths and will bring unique value to the table, truly making it a tough call. But when determining which is right for you, it’s important to take a few key considerations into account. For instance:

Look at Cultural Fit

Sure, your candidates have equally strong backgrounds. But which one has the right personality for your company?

During the evaluation process, you should have asked interview questions to assess cultural fit, conducted a personality test, or done both. The information you garnered, as well as your own interaction with each candidate, should give you some insight into who would be the best fit for your environment.

Keep in mind too that cultural fit is typically even more important than having the most experience. A candidate can always learn new skills, but they can’t change their personality.

Think About the Manager 

Who will be managing the new hire? What kind of person will fit best on their team?

The last thing you want to do is set up a new hire for failure by pairing them with a supervisor with a management style that’s completely wrong for the candidate. For instance, perhaps the manager likes to give their team a lot of autonomy and you sensed from a candidate they need more direction. That’s a bad match.

One of the top reasons employees quit is due to issues with their direct supervisor. So a good fit between supervisor and employee is crucial.

Consider Their Goals 

In talking to the job candidates, what did you find out about their career goals and aspirations? Are they looking to eventually lead a team? Did they put a big emphasis on professional development?

It’s important to ensure the goals of a candidate align with what your company can offer them. Otherwise, the new hire will eventually leave for greener pastures.

Look for Growth Potential 

Is there a certain candidate who has moved along the career track at a faster pace? They’ve been promoted more often or have advanced in job titles more quickly?

You never know where your company’s next great leader could come from. And if you see potential in a candidate that is unique to them, then that’s certainly an important point to consider. You should hire employees who want to learn and grow with the company and a candidate with more growth potential will likely be able to offer a better return on your investment in them.

Need more help choosing between candidates – or simply finding a few to choose from? Let Peoplelink know. As a leading recruiting agency, we can source, screen, interview and help you hire candidates that are the best fit for your organization.

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