How to Avoid Hiring a Job Hopper

How to Avoid Hiring a Job Hopper

As a manager, you’ve probably heard the statistics that many of today’s workers change jobs every couple of years. While that might be great for their careers, it’s not so great for your company – especially if you lose top performing employees. And, as a staffing agency with 25 years of experience, we know that not only is hiring new people costly and time-consuming, but high turnover is also bad for morale.

So how can you ensure that employees don’t regularly use your company as a steppingstone to something better? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Find out about long-term goals.
When you ask about a candidate’s long-term career goals, are you really listening? When they offer you a canned answer, are you probing deeper for more authentic information? If not, you could be hiring a job hopper.

So be sure to ask them where they see themselves going in your company and in their careers. By their answers, you’ll be able to tell if they’ve done their research, understand your business, and see themselves fitting into the big picture of company operations.

2. Offer opportunities for advancement.
As an experienced staffing agency, we know that one of the biggest reasons workers leave their jobs is because there’s no room for advancement. They’re forced to stay in the same position, with the same tasks and responsibilities, year after year…and get bored as result.

To avoid this, make opportunities for advancement clear to potential hires. Make sure management and HR meet ahead of the interviews to discuss where the company would like to see this person going in five or 10 years. By providing a look at where a potential recruit could advance in their career with the company, you’re more likely to bolster their enthusiasm for the job and loyalty to the company. That said, be honest and realistic about potential opportunities.

3. Offer benefits outside the traditional.
Health insurance and life insurance are important, but they’re also expected. So offer benefits that not all companies offer, such as flex schedules, the ability to telecommute, and educational opportunities or training. These kinds of benefits boost employee loyalty to your company – workers know they won’t have access to them at every job – and improve retention as a result.

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