6 Interview Warning Signs of a Bad Boss

6 Interview Warning Signs of a Bad Boss

The job sounds like the perfect fit. The company is growing and dynamic. The compensation is more than generous. But, as a recruiting agency with 25 years of experience, we know that if your prospective boss isn’t a good one, it can break your career, rather than boost it. Having a bad boss can also have a negative impact on your life outside of work, as well.

So how can you spot a bad boss before you accept the job offer? Here are 6 signs to look out for:

1. They’re distracted.
In this era of smart phones and IM-ing, some people seem to think it’s perfectly alright to be texting, checking emails, and multitasking in the middle of a job interview. But unless it’s a true emergency, this kind of behavior is disrespectful and an indication of what’s to come if you do accept the job offer.

2. They offer only vague answers.
When you ask questions about turnover rates and why the person who previously held the position left, you get awkward pauses and vague answers. This can be an indication of what it’s really like to work for the company…and it’s not good.

3. They don’t offer employee mentoring or development opportunities.
As a recruiting agency, we know that sometimes people are afraid to ask about these kinds of opportunities because they don’t want to appear weak or like they need help. So instead, ask whether there are opportunities within the firm to coach or mentor employees. After all, if you can’t offer help to someone else in the form of mentoring, it’s highly unlikely that you will get a mentor to help you advance your career.

4. They seem judgmental.
If a potential boss makes negative comments about another employee or to you, about your background, then it could mean they are overly judgmental or critical.

5. They ask illegal questions.
These range from questions about your marital status and children to those about your religious affiliation and political ideology. So if the interviewer appears awfully chatty, they might be more than just friendly…they could be digging for more personal information.

6. They have a bad reputation.
Sites like LinkedIn make it easier than ever to reach out to current and former employees and get the real scoop on your potential boss. If you do and all your hear are negatives, this is a pretty clear sign that you may want to turn down the job offer.

While a bad boss can negatively impact your career, a good boss can do just the opposite. They can empower and engage you, boost your confidence, and advance your career by helping you identify and grow your strengths.

If you’d like some help finding a good boss, let us know. As a recruiting agency with 25 years of experience connecting top talent and top jobs, we can act as your career adviser to help you locate the best jobs – and best bosses – for you. Contact us today to learn more.