Maximize Your Annual Performance Review

Maximize Your Annual Performance Review

Annual performance reviews are a great opportunity to look objectively at your accomplishments from the previous year, and set clear goals for the upcoming one. We know that many employees (and even some employers!) dread them, but performance reviews are a great way to help you reach your career goals.

Get results from your year-end performance review.

Banish antiquated thoughts about performance reviews, and get off to a great start for 2012 with these tips:

  1. Reflect on last year’s review. Yes, it was a whole year ago, but take the time to reflect on any goals or plans that were set in your last review. If your memories elude you, you may want to search through old emails for any notes or follow up on your last review. Show up for your current review armed with notes about last year’s, and you’ll show initiative while demonstrating to your boss that you take the process seriously.
  2. Hold up a mirror. Take a minute to think objectively about 2011. How’d it go, and how did you do? Try to think objectively about your accomplishments and areas that could have been better in the past year. Identify what you feel are your core strengths and areas for potential improvement. By the time you show up to your review, you’ll be armed with notes for comparison with your boss, and together you can develop a plan for the next year.
  3. Prepare a “win” file. 2011 is nearly over, but it’s never too late to start. When a client, customer, coworker or boss sends you positive feedback, keep all of it. Whether you start a new email folder to put them or you print out hard copies, keep a record of your successes. They can provide a base point for your review, and could offer compelling reasons to offer you a nice raise or promotion.
  4. Expand your reach. What do you want to accomplish in 2012? How about in 2013? How about in five years?  Define your career goals as specifically as possible before your review, and then be sure to share them with your boss. Together, you can work on an action plan to help you achieve those goals, or set some new ones. Unless you take some time to set your goals now, how can you ever expect to achieve them?

Ready to get a jump on 2012?
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