Tips for Effective Performance Reviews

Tips for Effective Performance Reviews

Many employees dread them, and management may even dread them too. But performance reviews are an integral part of the year-end process for many businesses.

Performance reviews can be extremely helpful!


Yes, performance reviews can be a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and set concrete goals for the upcoming. Rather than write off reviews as a necessary evil, these tips can help you maximize performance reviews as a valuable workplace tool:

  1. Set a plan. Reviews can turn into hour-long griping sessions or personal conversations. Before reviews, send employees a detailed plan of topics to be covered, then stick to it. Keeping to a plan will help you keep your meeting on track and ensure all objectives are met.
  2. Define goals. Have an idea where you will take this, but you may want to slightly alter goals based on how the review goes. Set three or four attainable goals for your employees to take in the new year. It will provide them with direction and encouragement for the upcoming year. Then, as the year progresses, feel free to add additional goals, or allow the employee to set new goals as well.
  3. Set a time for questions. Your employees should be active participants in their reviews – not just listeners. Offer an opportunity for employees to ask questions, raise concerns, or discuss goals and requests.
  4. Follow up. Determine follow-up times to meet and assess how the employee is doing, and how progress is moving toward their goals. Plus, if you made promises during the review, make sure you are following up on your own promises. The trust your employees hold in you can waver based on how you respond and follow up to the review.

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