Peoplelink Announces August Shining Star

Peoplelink Announces August Shining Star

Barbara Ridley (Peoplelink August Shining Star) and Amanda Knepper (Peoplelink On-site/Staffing Specialist for Biomet)


Peoplelink is happy to announce that Ms. Barbara Ridley has been chosen as August’s Shining Star employee. Barbara works at Biomet in Warsaw, Indiana. She reports to the Warsaw, Indiana Peoplelink branch office.

Barbara started her employment with Peoplelink as a Biomet Contract Sales Associate back in November, 2010. As a Contract Sales Associate, Barbara works with customers and the sales team on a daily basis conducting price changes, auditing contracts, and providing customer service. Barbara’s is a challenging position as it encompasses responsibilities that shift on a daily basis and situations that require great attention to detail.

Barbara has demonstrated strong commitment and dedication. She has played a crucial role in her position, going above and beyond what is required, specifically in her efforts to develop a training guide/process for all new hires in her department. For her co-workers and clients alike, Barbara is a source of solutions.

According to her current supervisor, Ms. Deb Nielsen, “Barb has some skills that we do not possess at her level in our department. She has been eager to utilize those in helping us to improve some of our processes.” Nielsen goes on to say, “She has the highest level of interpersonal skills. I would say this is one of her strongest assets. She has much integrity and everyone enjoys working with her.”

Barbara is a long time resident of the Winona Lake-Warsaw area. She has three grown children, two grandsons, and a granddaughter on the way. Barbara enjoys the variety of tasks and people she encounters at Biomet on a daily basis. In her free time, Barbara loves crafting, singing and playing piano, and driving/riding in fast cars. She is an active member of the community who leads the Warsaw American Sewing Guild and donates her handmade items, such as quilts and walker bags, to local charity organizations.

Congratulations to Barbara Ridley for being Peoplelink’s Shining Star in August!