Peoplelink Announces July Shining Star

Peoplelink Announces July Shining Star

Andrea Stull pictured with Shining Star Certificate and prize.


Peoplelink is happy to announce that Ms. Andrea Stull has been chosen as July’s Shining Star employee. Andrea works at Cargill Kitchen Solutions in Lake Odessa, Michigan. She reports to the Greenville, Michigan, Peoplelink branch office.

Andrea started her employment with Peoplelink back in April, 2010, by being “on call” for Cargill. This is a very challenging role, since it requires being available at the last minute for any department that might find itself short-handed on a particulate day and shift. In spite of the fact that Andrea has small children at home, she was able to respond to each and every call for last-minute help. She was eventually brought in to the Cargill facility as a part-time associate as an inspector.

Even though Andrea needed full-time employment, she was willing to stay with it as a part-timer, knowing that if she worked hard, showed up every day and did whatever was asked of her, an opportunity would open up. Eventually, that full-time opportunity did come her way and she took it.

According to her current supervisor, Ms. Carroll May, “[Andrea] has worked in many different departments and was always on time. She works for me in my department and has never missed a day.” Carroll goes on to say that “Andrea is very willing to do any task. You show her how to do it and she will do it that way until it is completely finished.”

Andrea lives in Lake Odessa with her husband and her sons, Rickey, age 7, and Brandon, age 6. While at work, Andrea enjoys the fast pace of the production environment. In her free time, Andrea enjoys fishing and photography. She has referred a number of people to the Greenville office who have become equally dependable associates for Peoplelink.

Congratulations to Andrea Stull for being Peoplelink’s Shining Star in July!