Recruit Older Workers With FWAs

Recruit Older Workers With FWAs

As a staffing agency with 25 years of experience, we know that when companies are looking to hire, sometimes they can overlook one of the most seasoned group of workers – those nearing retirement or partially retired. But this demographic has plenty to offer, including extensive experience you can tap into.

So how can you best recruit them?

According to AARP, it’s to offer a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA). An FWA simply gives employees greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill the obligations of their positions. For instance, rather than a 9 to 5 schedule, an FWA might enable an employee to work from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the office and the rest of the day at home. And AARP research shows that many Baby Boomers would defer retirement if they could work fewer hours on a less rigid schedule.

There are many different variations of FWAs, but, according to AARP, they are all defined by four common elements, including the following:

  • When to work. This includes allowing employees to begin and end their days earlier or later than a traditional schedule, as long as they work a 35-40 hour workweek. Other options for a flex schedule include part-time work, seasonal work, or a compressed workweek, where an employee might work four 10-hour days and then have three days off.
  • Where to work. This includes enabling employees to work from home full-time or on a regular basis.
  • How to work. This includes phased retirement, where an employee might cut back on their hours over an extended period of time; or work on a contract or temporary basis. It can also include job sharing, where two employees share one position.
  • What to receive for working. This includes the ability to select different benefits, such as eldercare or a flexible spending account.

At the end of the day, professionals who are nearing retirement have different requirements and needs compared to those in earlier stages of their careers. And by tailoring your opportunities, you can more easily recruit them and leverage the power of their skills and experience, adding value to your company in the process.

And if you’d like some assistance in recruiting veteran professionals, give us a call. Since 1987, our staffing agency has successfully placed more than 150,000 people in full-time and temporary positions with our clients. Learn more now.