New Year, New You – How to Make 2013 the Year You Climb the Corporate Ladder

New Year, New You – How to Make 2013 the Year You Climb the Corporate Ladder

As one of today’s leading recruiting agencies, Peoplelink knows that whether you’re just starting out in an entry-level position, or you’re a company veteran looking to advance your career, there are steps you can take to climb the corporate ladder…quicker.

To help you on your journey, here’s a look at 7 of them:

#1. Get a Mentor.

The most successful people out there have had powerful mentors and coaches during their careers. So find someone who can offer you insightful advice on your career and advancement opportunities; even better, find a network of mentors who can do the same ­– whether it’s those within your current company, or connections you make on LinkedIn.

#2. Acquire New Skills.

Don’t let a lack of training programs at your company stop you from acquiring new skills or knowledge. Take classes on your own; attend industry events and conferences; earn certifications in in-demand areas; and expand your skill set and knowledge base so that you’re ready when a great opportunity comes along.

#3. Become an Expert.

Don’t just be an employee that clocks in at 9 and leaves at 5. Work longer and harder to become an expert in your field. Create your own industry blog, join an industry or leadership association, or speak at conferences and events. By doing so, you’ll get your name out there and expand your network.

#4. Show More Initiative.

Business is a dog-eat-dog world and in order to stand out among your colleagues, you need to show initiative in your work. So don’t wait for your boss to hold your hand and guide you through a project. Take the initiative and prove that you’re the best person for the job.

#5. Take Advantage of New Opportunities.

Advancement isn’t going to simply fall into your lap. You need to be on the lookout for new opportunities in which to prove yourself and move ahead in your career. So take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, whether it’s related to your job, training new employees, or spearheading the company’s charitable giving initiative.

#6. Promote Your Accomplishments.

You may be the best employee around, but if no one acknowledges it, then who cares? That’s why it’s important to promote your accomplishments – to your boss, to your colleagues, to the higher ups. That said, don’t be arrogant; simply take credit for your work.

#7. Network Strategically.

Networking is an important part of career development. But don’t just network with your peers; also make sure you’re networking with individuals in senior positions who can help you further your career.

Ready to Advance to a New Opportunity at a New Company?

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