3 Out of 4 Hires Fail: How a Recruiting Partner Can Help

3 Out of 4 Hires Fail: How a Recruiting Partner Can Help

As a leading recruiting agency, Peoplelink knows the odds are stacked against you as a hiring manager. In fact, some experts say that 3 out of 4 hires are a failure and don’t produce a superstar. Here is a how a strong recruiting partner can help you overcome those odds.

Crafting a Strong Job Description.

When it comes to recruiting, the first step is thinking through your needs and wants in a new hire. All too often, though, companies zip through this step in an effort to get an opening posted and start the resume screening and hiring process.

How a Recruiting Partner Can Help: A recruiting agency understands that you reap what you sow. And in order to attract and engage top candidates, you must craft a compelling and effective job description – one that establishes key expectations and deliverables. This is not a process to be done hastily, especially considering that it’s a central component to hiring.

Sourcing Candidates.

Even in an uncertain economy with high unemployment, reaching top candidates seems to be more and more difficult. In fact, according to the Department of Labor, companies have reported more than 3 million job openings each month since February 2011 – but many are also stating they can’t find the right workers to fill the positions.

How a Recruiting Partner Can Help: Professional recruiters spend much of their time building relationships with job candidates, so when the right opportunity comes along they have qualified professionals in mind.

Likewise, a recruiting agency can also sift through the hundreds of resumes and screen candidates to ensure the ones who make it through to the interview process are qualified for the job.

Here at Peoplelink, for instance, we even have a patented 6-step risk prevention program – Assurelink – that enables us to dig deeper and obtain more information about candidates we screen for positions.

Hiring for Attitude.

Clearly, a skill set well suited for the job is critical for any new hire to succeed. But when new hires fail on the job, it’s not usually due to a skills mis-match. It’s due to a cultural one. That’s why it’s so important to screen for personality and attitude when you’re hiring.

How a Recruiting Partner Can Help: A recruiting agency can work with you to get to know your company and your culture. Through this knowledge, they’ll have a solid sense of the types of personalities that will mesh well there. When evaluating candidates, recruiters ask targeted questions related to attitude and personality and even conduct personality tests all to ensure companies hire someone not only with the right skills, but also the right attitude.

The above examples are just a few ways a recruiting partner can help your company overcome the odds of a bad hire. If you’d like to learn more about minimizing your risk of a hiring mistake, give Peoplelink a call. As a leading recruiting agency, we can source, screen, interview and help you hire candidates with the right skills – and the right attitudes – for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.