Searching for the Best Talent? Look for These Top 3 Traits of Overachievers.

Searching for the Best Talent? Look for These Top 3 Traits of Overachievers.

Hiring new employees can a time-consuming and stressful task. And the risk of making a bad hire, after sorting through hundreds of resumes and conducting dozens of interviews, is a real risk of the hiring process.

Finding overachievers is key to your organizational success.

Spotting overachievers, professionals ready to make an immediate and long-term impact on your business, can mean the difference between a bad hire, and your business’ next superstar. Here are three key traits to look for when interviewing candidates:

A Record of Success.
All of us make mistakes from time to time, but overachievers have demonstrated a proven track record of success. Whether a recent graduate showing a history of academic and leadership successes, or a savvy veteran with a history of successful positions in other organizations, true overachievers can give specific examples of successes and cite examples of why their performance directly lead to their success.

You can never have to many “idea” people in your organization; however, true overachievers execute their ideas and make an impact. Activity and inspiration only take your organization so far – execution leads to progress and results. Ask candidates to give an example of a project or task that was especially challenging, but completed with positive results.

Leadership and Teamwork.
True overachievers aren’t solely interested in individual results. True talent helps a team rise to the occasion, and overachievers often demonstrate strong leadership and teamwork skills.

During an interview, be sure to ask questions specific to these traits. Pauses and stalling after questions can indicate a stretch of the truth. A true overachiever can rattle off successes without strain – they’ve experienced it firsthand! Putting an extra effort into finding overachievers now can have a significant long-term benefit for your organization.

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