Using Temp-to-Hire As an Effective Staffing Solution

Using Temp-to-Hire As an Effective Staffing Solution

It can be difficult to know everything you need to know by reviewing a resume and asking a few questions in an interview. Temp-to-hire services can be a great tool in your hiring arsenal, providing an opportunity to test a candidate through real-world, on-the-job experience. Temp-to-hire offers a low-investment way to ensure you are truly making the best hire for your organization.

When you employ temp-to-hire services for your company, you will:

  • Save on payroll and benefit costs until you’re sure that you are ready to hire.
  • Reduce training costs.
  • Have no obligation to hire.
  • Reduce recruiting and interviewing time.

Using temp-to-hire as an effective tool.

Although temp-to-hire services can offer an immediate value to your organization, there are certain situations where the services are likely to provide an increased value, including:

1. When you’re considering adding a new position.

When a new position is created you may not be 100% certain of the exact skills and education that will be needed. Temp-to-hire gives you the opportunity to evaluate the position and create a job description without the risk of hiring someone full-time.

2. If you’re not sure a new hire is necessary.

If you’re hiring to address recent growth or a newly created position, temp-to-hire gives you the time to verify that the position is needed. If the new hire provides a significant contribution and growth continues, they can be hired full-time.

3. When you have an immediate need, but you’re not ready to assume the additional costs of a full-time hire.

If you need a full-time employee now, but the associated payroll and benefits costs are a deterrent, choosing a temp-to-hire option will allow you to add the needed employee immediately, for a pre-designated amount of time. At the end of the period, you can assume the associated costs of the hire as a full-time employee, or you can choose to part ways at that time.

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