The #1 Key to Successful Year End Performance Reviews

The #1 Key to Successful Year End Performance Reviews

As a leading staffing agency, Peoplelink knows that performance reviews are one of those necessary evils. Nobody really likes them…not you and certainly not your staff.

However, the information garnered and the goals set during them can prove invaluable to your team.

So how can you go about conducting the “dreaded” performance review in the least painful and most effective way possible?

The #1 key to success is good preparation.

To help you and your employees prepare – and make the most out of every performance review – here are some steps to take:

Step #1: Ask Employees to Complete a Self-Evaluation Document.

This should include a list of completed projects, uncompleted projects, goals met and unmet, accomplishments, and challenges, prepared by the employee. Completing such a document will not only help you prepare, but it will help each employee, as well.

Step #2: Gather All the Background Information.

Performance reviews are just one of those things you cannot wing and succeed at. Proper information gathering ahead of time is important. So be sure to gather and review:

  • A copy of each employee’s last performance review
  • Notes from any meetings held during the year to discuss performance
  • Feedback from other sources, such as other supervisors and/or clients

Step #3: Write an Appraisal Narrative.

Your narrative should communicate key points to each employee, including how the employee has performed over the past year, what kinds of obstacles need to be discussed, and whether additional training or access to resources are needed for the employee to do their work more effectively.

When writing your narrative, it’s also important to take into account any changes in the employee’s role. For instance, have they taken on new responsibilities or moved to a different position?

Step #4: Set Goals and Expectations. 

Think about the kinds of performance and developmental goals each employee should achieve in the coming year. It’s also important to think about what you can do, as their manager, to assist in achieving those goals.

Step #5: Schedule the Meeting.

Schedule each review in a place that is quiet and private. Give each employee advance notice of when their review is scheduled, as well as a copy of their appraisal narrative so they have all the information ahead of time and can properly prepare. Also, be sure to set aside enough time to discuss the information and concentrate on the review.

The bottom line is that when both you and your employees prepare for year end performance reviews, they end up being less complicated and less stressful. They’re also more effective in providing employees valuable feedback necessary to succeed on the job.

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