Top 3 Myths About Working with an Employment Agency

Top 3 Myths About Working with an Employment Agency

Employment agencies offer an opportunity for job seekers to find new and exciting career opportunities, gain experience in a new field, and ultimately to reach their personal and professional goals. Nearly all reputable employment agencies offer their services to job seekers at no cost, and offer the chance to gain access to jobs that aren’t posted elsewhere. Still, not all professionals are willing to join forces with an employment agency.

Let’s debunk some myths about employment and staffing agencies!

Often, professionals who are leery of employment agencies have heard some common myths. To help you make an informed decision about your career, we’ll debunk the top 3 myths about employment agencies:

  • Employment agencies only fill low-level jobs. Whatever your area of expertise, there is likely an agency in your area that can find you a job that fits your needs. Some employment agencies special in a particular niche, while others have recruiters who specialize in a range of industries. The positions available can vary from experience professionals to senior level executives, and everything in between. The point to stress here is that many employment agencies offer a vast range of career opportunities, and much more than low-level jobs.
  • Employment agencies only offer temporary jobs. There are many benefits to temporary employment: it can provide a way for you to gain experience in a new field, it can fill temporary gaps in your employment, or it can help you keep busy during a long-term absence from the workforce. But, some professionals are simply not interested in temporary jobs. No problem! Most employment agencies offer a range of career opportunities, from direct hire to temporary-to-hire (start off as a temporary employee with an option to hire full time), and yes, temporary opportunities. But there are a range of opportunities to choose from – including permanent. If you’re not interested in temporary opportunities, simply notify your recruiter, and you simply won’t be presented with temporary opportunities.
  • Employment agencies only work with recent college graduates or new professionals. As we mentioned in the first myth, employment agencies offer a range of opportunities, to everyone from recent college grads (a great fit for temporary or temp-to-hire roles) to senior-level executives. The opportunities are literally endless, and if one agency doesn’t have opportunities that interest you, choose to work with a different agency in your area. Once you find an employment agency that understands your goals and experience, you can let your new career partner do the work for you – and find you a great opportunity to help you reach your goals!

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