Losing Summer Employees? Keep Your Productivity Humming in Fall and Beyond!

Losing Summer Employees? Keep Your Productivity Humming in Fall and Beyond!

For many employers, summer means an opportunity to add low-cost, highly enthusiastic employees to your payroll. Summer employment accounts for a large percentage of the workforce during the warmer months of the year, and can make a dramatic impact on many businesses. But, as summer winds down, many employers struggle to adjust their workforce and maintain the productivity associated with summer months.

Summer’s end doesn’t necessarily mean decreased productivity.

Help manage the peaks and valleys of your workflow, and transition into the fall and winter months, by engaging temporary employees. Partner with a staffing agency, and they can provide you with a trained, ready-to-work team of employees that can save costs and keep your productivity humming, well after your summer employees have left your payroll.

Adding temporary employees to your workforce can provide the following benefits to your business:

  1. Minimize HR headaches. Summer employees can be a major stressor for payroll and human resources department. The stack of paperwork associated with new hires (and departing summer employees) can be a morale killer, and can also be costly – often requiring overtime to process all the necessary papers. When you hire temporary employees from a staffing agency, all the paperwork and behind-the-scenes HR and payrolling is done by your agency. Your HR and payroll departments will thank you!
  2. When your workflow decreases, your workforce decreases too. When you work with a staffing agency, we’ll help identify fluctuations in your workflow, and we’ll help you plan for and adjust to those fluctuations. Depending on your workflow, your staffing agency will provide more or fewer temporary employees, minimizing your costs while still maintaining optimal productivity.
  3. Temporary employees are ready to work. Your staffing agency will work with you to determine the precise skill set and experience necessary to thrive in your areas of need. Then, they’ll provide an employee (or employees) who are fully-trained and ready to step in to fill your immediate needs. No training. No transition period. Simply qualified employees who are ready to work.

Saying “Goodbye” to Summer Employees?
Contact Peoplelink Staffing. Our workforce experts will work with you to identify your upcoming personnel needs, and will provide you with a team of employees ready to jump in and make an immediate impact.