Top Blog Posts for 2011

Top Blog Posts for 2011

Here at Peoplelink Staffing, we’re pleased to share our knowledge with you on this blog. Whether you’re a professional searching for your next career opportunity, or a business looking for ways to increase your productivity and decrease costs, we’re proud to offer a range of tips and tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Here’s a look at some of our top posts from 2011:

  1. Clever Office Halloween Costumes – Halloween is a fun time of year – even for us adults! To help you stand out and look cool for Halloween, this post covered some clever Halloween costumes for the office.
  2. Employment Outlook – Job Growth and Labor Statistics July 2011 – In this post, we took a look at the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to examine job growth and labor statistics for the market.
  3. Searching for the Best Talent? Look for These Top 3 Traits of Overachievers – Making bad hires is costly for businesses – both in time and money. Rather than waste your time sifting through the pile of mediocre talent, this post helps you spot true overachievers.
  4. The True Cost of a Bad Hire – And to look at bad hires even more closely, we also took a look at the true cost of making one. This post breaks down just how those bad hires can take a toll on your business – and your profits.
  5. 5 Ways to Help You Manage Needy Employees – Ever encounter a needy employee? These people may need some hand-holding, but they might not be a total loss. This post includes five tips to help you manage these unique employees.

Here at Peoplelink, we’d like to thank you for visiting our blog in 2011. Be sure to check back in 2012 for more great tips and tools!


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