Top Performance Benchmarking – Are You Using Benchmarking in your Hiring?

Top Performance Benchmarking – Are You Using Benchmarking in your Hiring?

Maybe you have benchmarks in place for your sales staff, or other producers on your team. But, are you using benchmarks in your hiring process?

Who is your ideal employee?

Before interviewing potential new employees, you should use benchmarking in your hiring process. Having a list of ideal traits and qualifications in place before you begin will help to ensure your next new employee is the perfect candidate for the job.

Here are some tips for using benchmarking effectively in your hiring:

  1. Involve your company. Brainstorm the traits and qualifications you’re looking for, then reach out to your supervisors, hiring managers, and HR team for their idea of the perfect candidate. Then, schedule time together to hash out the exact benchmark for the particular job opening. By involving your team, you’re helping to ensure a perfect fit when the right candidate does come along.
  2. Identify what is needed. Although there are plenty of things you may like to see in a new employee (a Ph.D., a stint in the White House, etc), identify what your ideal candidate actually needs. You’ll ensure that key qualifications aren’t missed, and you’re likely to end up with a more appropriate candidate.
  3. Find out what you’d like to see. Now that you’ve identified your “musts,” now is the time to track the qualifications or experience that you’d like your ideal candidate to have (these are not absolutes; however, they are items that would epitomize your idea of a perfect candidate for the position). By having a clear idea of what you’d like to see, you’ll be more prepared to assess candidates side by side.
  4. Don’t go strictly by the numbers. Although you may want someone with 10 years of experience, don’t automatically disqualify a candidate who falls a bit short. You’ve worked hard to identify the key qualifications you must have and would like to see. If a candidate has 7 or 8 years of experience, but can also check off several of your “like to see” traits, you may be passing on your ideal candidate. Use the benchmarking as a guide, but make sure you’re looking at the whole picture.

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