When Is the Right Time to Hire?

When Is the Right Time to Hire?

Matching your staff to you workload can be a precarious equation. Hold too many full-time employees on your permanent staff, and you may not have enough work to go around…resulting in layoffs, and decreased morale. Understaff, and you could have burned out employees who decide to look elsewhere.

When is the best time to add employees?

If you’ve looked closely at your workload and have determined that adding employees will help you reach your short- and long-term goals, it may be time to consider adding new employees. But, if you’re trying to mitigate the risk of a permanent hire, temporary-to-hire services from your staffing partner could be the answer.

Why temp-to-hire?

Temp-to-hire services can be an excellent way to add to your team without significant cost or risk. When you choose temp-to-hire, you will:

  • Save on payroll and benefit costs until you’re sure that you are ready to hire. When you use a temp-to-hire service, the employee remains on your staffing agency’s payroll, and your staffing agency is responsible for all benefits. If, after the agreed-upon time has elapsed, you decide to bring that employee aboard full time, only then would you assume those costs.
  • Reduce training costs. Rather than start an employee right away and go through a training period, temp-to-hire presents you with an opportunity to “train” a fully qualified employee without actually adding that person to your payroll.
  • Have no obligation to hire. There’s little risk of a bad hire with temporary-to-hire services. If you decide not to pursue a full time hire after the temporary period has ended – for whatever reason, you simply choose to part ways. So, if you decide you really didn’t need a full time employee, or if you would like to see other candidates, you are under no obligation to make a permanent hire with the temp-to-hire service.

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