Your Performance Stinks!

Your Performance Stinks!

If you have been a manager for any decent amount of time, you’ve undoubtedly been faced with an employee with poor performance.  But, how do you go about addressing this?

Here are a few suggestions for addressing performance issues on 1:1 basis:

  • Set clear expectations up front.
    The biggest cause of poor performance we see is the lack of clear job expectations.  If your team doesn’t understand exactly what is expected from them, how can they meet your expectations?  Be clear both verbally and in written documentation so that everyone in your department understands their role—and ask for buy-in from each employee.
  • Document everything.
    Be sure to keep detailed records of poor performance, the results and the consequences of these actions.  Also, keep records detailing how you addressed these issues (talk with your HR representative to ensure you follow company procedures).
  • Be proactive.
    Don’t wait to address issues—they probably won’t solve themselves!  If you notice the start of poor work behavior or habits, nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control.  You’ll be doing yourself, and you employee, a huge favor.
  • Lead by example.
    If you display desired work habits it will become contagious.  On the flip side, if you show up to work late, leave early or take long breaks, you’re team will begin to mimic your behaviors.
  • Detail consequences.
    In addition to detailing expectations, make sure your team understands the consequences of NOT meeting those expectations.
  • Know when to cut ties.
    Think about the 80/20 rule.  In many cases, management spends 80% of their time dealing with issues and only 20% of their time focusing on positives.  If you were able to flip those percentages, think about how productive and profitable your department and company would be.  You have to decide when enough is enough and cut ties with poor performers.
  • Follow HR protocol.
    Every company has different HR protocol, so make sure that your performance assessments and management decisions meet HR law and company policies.

Are you dealing with constant performance issues?
Peoplelink can help.  Whether you need temporary support to supplement your existing team during peak workloads, or you’re looking to bring on full-time staff with strong skills and a great work ethic, give us a call!


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