6 Ways to Better Motivate Your Manufacturing Team

6 Ways to Better Motivate Your Manufacturing Team

Providing motivation for your manufacturing team can be challenging. They may not be as engaged and productive as you would like them to be. Because your team has to reach certain targets each day, they need encouragement to perform their best. The following tips can help.

Implement any of these six methods to provide motivation for your manufacturing team.

1. Safety

Encourage your team to help you keep the work environment as safe as possible. This should include providing regular trainings on safety and how to use the proper equipment. Periodically check to see whether your team members are following the guidelines you set. This shows you care about your team members’ health. It also encourages them to take pride in their work.

2. Diverse Tasks

Providing a variety of tasks increases engagement and productivity. Consider changing your team members’ duties so they can work on different activities. Your team will likely appreciate working with different members on diverse tasks.

3. Team Interactions

Encourage your team members to interact with each other and you. This helps improve productivity. Ensure you share praise and gratitude for your team members’ contributions and results. This may involve handing out your team’s paychecks and thanking them for their service.

4. Employee Feedback

Ask your team to provide feedback on your processes and procedures. This shows you value their ideas and input. Let your team help develop the most feasible suggestions. This helps express appreciation for their cognitive abilities.

5. Individual Incentives

Consider implementing a piecework bonus system to improve production. Clarify that the quality of the product is as important as the quantity created. Ensure the rejected product is deducted from the quantity included in the bonus.

6. Gainsharing

Improve production without increasing costs by offering gainsharing. Begin by creating a baseline performance for your team. Then, compare their production numbers to determine the gain. Next, use a predetermined formula to share a set amount of the savings with your team. The payout should be self-funded and distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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