Easy Ways to Start Beating Your Smartphone Addiction

Easy Ways to Start Beating Your Smartphone Addiction

This year, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to exceed five billion people. With two-thirds of the world’s population carrying these mini-computers all day, every day, it’s no surprise that many are becoming addicted to smartphones.

Considering everything your phone can do for you, the possibility of phone addiction makes sense. The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ exists because there really seems to be an app for everything and, if it’s not yet been created, it’s probably in development. If you’re ready to beat your smartphone addiction, here are simple ways to get started.

1. Track How Much Time You’re Actually on Your Phone

Studies have found that smartphone users get on their phones between 80 and 150 times every day. That’s just the average. An easy way to see where you fall, as well as your biggest time wasters, is to track how much time you’re on your phone. The iPhone can automatically do this for you and allows you to set up time limits on apps to reduce your usage.

2. Instead of Finding an App, Go Back to the Physical Version

It’s very much a digital world, but that doesn’t mean the physical alternatives are gone. Try using items like a real notebook for writing, a real book for reading, a real calculator for math, and a real alarm clock for waking up. It may seem less convenient, but it can help stave off the reliance on your phone.

3. Limit Your Notifications

Every time you see a notification, your natural tendency is to check and see what it’s for. While these pickups may seem quick, they add up over the course of the day and bring you back into your screen. Even if it’s a news alert, you may be on your phone and drift into one of your social media apps. A simple solution is to focus your notifications on real alerts from people. If it’s not connection-based with someone real, consider turning it off.

4. Break the Scrolling Cycle

Checking one Instagram notification can lead to an hour later realizing you’re watching the Stories of people you don’t even know. These scrolling habits start innocent enough but quickly escalate into a large amount of time lost to social media. Time-limiting apps can help keep you from going too deep, but a more radical solution is removing social media altogether and simply checking from a computer.

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