Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner…Share the Love

Valentine’s Day is Around the Corner…Share the Love

Have you told your staff how much you appreciate their efforts? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is a perfect time to start. Here are a few tips on giving positive feedback to your top performers:

Don’t Wait

You might think you’ll do it later. But you’ll ultimately forget or something important will come up. When you see an employee doing something great – or you have a top performer who consistently delivers – thank them…now.

Do It Openly

While negative feedback is best left behind closed doors, give praise openly. Even if you have a private conversation with the employee about their stellar performance, feature it in the employee newsletter or through your company’s online employee recognition system. Not only will the employee feel good about themselves, but it will also motivate others to bring their ‘A’ game.

Give Details 

Don’t just say “great job.” Tell your employee – and everyone else – what they did to deserve the accolades.

Also, bring their achievement into context. In other words, if there’s a larger company goal or initiative underway, tie that into your positive affirmations. For instance, if you’re trying to increase sales and one of your salespeople just landed a huge new contract, promote how they are helping the business as a whole succeed.

Be Authentic

When you’re doling out praise, you have to mean it. Otherwise, your employees will think you’re a phony. If you thank someone for coming in on time, for instance, then you’re just offering insincere feedback, leading employees to wonder what your real agenda is. Really mean it when you’re giving positive feedback.

Do It Often

While you shouldn’t offer praise for every little thing employees do right, when you regularly praise employees who go above and beyond, it becomes a habit…making it easier to do in the future. And statistics show that recognition and praise go a long way in building a positive and productive work culture, not to mention improving employee loyalty and reducing turnover.

A final note: Keep in mind, when offering praise, a written note or email will go 10 times further than a $50 gift card to a store or restaurant. Also, don’t use praise to segue into a criticism. If you’re going to recognize someone, then keep it simple and save your constructive feedback for another day.

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