Did an Applicant Ghost You? 3 Tips To Keep Your Applicants Engaged

Did an Applicant Ghost You? 3 Tips To Keep Your Applicants Engaged

Are you finding more applicants than ever are ghosting you? They may stop returning your calls, not show up for interviews, or ignore your job offers. If so, you should take a look at your recruitment process. There may be an engagement problem that needs fixing.

Implement these three tips to improve engagement during your recruitment process.

1. Maintain Communication

Use your applicant tracking system (ATS) to keep applicants informed about where they are in the recruitment process. They want to know what the next step is and how to prepare for it. By promptly making and communicating decisions to applicantsthey are less likely to lose interest or be drawn to competitors. If you do not receive a response with one type of communication, such as a phone call, try another, such as an email or text. Personalize your correspondence as much as possible so you stand out. Convey warmth and professionalism while clarifying expectations, details, and instructions. If an applicant is not chosen to move forward, respectfully let them know.

2. Sell Your Employee Value Proposition

Applicants want to know the benefits you will give them in exchange for the skills, experience, and qualities they provide. This includes access to financial rewards, career development opportunities, and perks. A positive work environment, recognition, and strong work-life balance are important as well. Since applicants want to work for an organization whose mission, vision, and values align with theirs, mention company goals and projects the applicants may be able to work on. Show how your organization fills their needs and differs from your competitors. Demonstrate reasons your employees are proud of your organization and motivated to perform their best.

3. Shorten the Interview Process

Applicants do not want to spend a long time interviewing with a company. They are more likely to accept an offer elsewhere if this happens. Keep your interview process short by starting with phone screenings. Ask a few direct, high-level questions to determine which applicants are strong matches for the skills, experience, and personality you seek. During in-person interviews, ask behavioral questions that focus on innovation, productivity, motivation, and other relevant areas. Find out about culture fit and work style as well. Clarify the job responsibilities, expectations, and other details needed to make informed decisions. Encourage applicants to ask questions to gain insight into whether they see themselves excel in the role.

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