Do You Have a Struggling Employee? Don’t Fire Them, Retrain Them

Do You Have a Struggling Employee? Don’t Fire Them, Retrain Them

When you have an employee performing poorly on your staff, the effects can be felt in every department. No matter their particular reason for struggle, it can affect other departments and leave you with the perception that there is no other choice but termination. Instead of feeling like you don’t have any options, consider retraining your struggling employee rather than letting them go.

1. Begin with a one-on-one

After you realize there’s an issue that isn’t resolving itself, you need to bring in the employee to discuss what’s happening in their work. Make sure they understand what’s expected of them in their position and go over their job requirements.

During this conversation, you may learn about hurdles they are facing with training or balancing their workload. It could even be a personal matter that’s showing through in their work. Whatever the reason, learning this is fundamental to a resolution.

2. Develop a plan for improvement

Once the cause is known, it’s time to determine what you can do to relieve it. Work with the employee to develop a personalized improvement plan that will help them succeed in their role at your company. Take time to document the current issue and the plan moving forward. Update this document regularly to track any ongoing performance issues or improvements.

3. Consider assigning a mentor

Depending on the employee’s struggle, a mentor in your company may help keep them accountable and give them someone to turn to for support. As their supervisor, you should check in to monitor progress, but a mentor can have a more involved and assistive role.

4. Look into reassignment

Ultimately, the issue could be having the right person in the wrong role. Evaluate the employee’s strengths and weaknesses and see if there’s another department in your company where they would be better suited to succeed.

5. Create a timeline

A plan without a deadline means there isn’t a sense of urgency to improve. No matter what the solution is, whether its reassignment or more training, have a specific end date established. This way it is clear to the employee how long they have to make the necessary improvements before further action is taken.

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