How You Can Create a Mentoring Program for Your Business Today

How You Can Create a Mentoring Program for Your Business Today

As an employer, you know putting your team on the right track is critical to your operation. You are always searching for ways to help your employees perform better and grow in their careers. One of the best ideas to help your staff improve is to develop a mentoring program for your business.

Start with your goals

Before moving forward with a mentoring program, you need to determine what you want to accomplish. Consider areas of potential in your company and the specific ways you want your team to grow. Formulate these concepts into goals that will help drive your mentoring program and allow you to evaluate its success.

Develop a plan

Once you know why you want to establish a mentoring program, you can begin designing what the process will look like at your company. During this process, don’t overcomplicate the idea. Determine who will oversee the program, who will select mentors, and who will assign mentees. These don’t need to be different people – you want to have the roles clearly outlined. Once you have an established plan, you can roll out to your staff.

Explain benefits for both mentors and mentees

A misconception of mentoring is that it’s only for the mentees. While it does help them improve as professionals, they aren’t the only ones affected. Your selected mentors will have the opportunity to grow their leadership, communication, and management skills. You can also offer additional rewards and incentives for the mentors to further emphasize the importance of the work.

Guide your mentees to help them succeed

Most mentor programs will start strong, but through a lack of clarity, relationships can fail to grow, and no one will gain any beneficial experience. Set the expectations at the beginning of the assignments, so the mentees understand the level of responsibility expected from them. It is their duty to contact their mentor, schedule meetings, and seek advice. If you want your mentoring program to continue to succeed, make sure those being mentored understand they control their own progress.

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