What is a Seasonal Job? And Why Are There So Many of Them?

What is a Seasonal Job? And Why Are There So Many of Them?

What is the best way to end the year on a strong note? 

We all define that differently. Many people believe rest and relaxation is the key. Others believe positioning themselves in a better place, either financially or with improved career prospects, is the best way to start the new year. Finally, others are motivated by the perspective the year’s end often provides to secure a better work/life balance. Where do you fit in? 

There are many ways to end the year on a solid footing. And we’ve seen firsthand one common strategy that works—however you define success at the end or the start of your best year. Temp work is a particularly advantageous path to achieve your goals. 

In this blog, we’ll help define just what a seasonal job is, why there are so many seasonal openings during the holidays, and what makes them such an exciting opportunity for people who want to get started making the best of the new year! 

What is a Seasonal Job? 

Seasonal work isn’t all that different from how you might define any other job. It just means the temp contract is much more workflow-driven and dependent on market demands. 

The holidays are famous for creating a spike in demand that affects markets across several sectors. Employers who had a reduced staff during the summer’s slow season frequently scramble to fill roles to meet consumer demand in the late autumn-winter months.  

So, as demand in the retail sector spikes, this creates a surge in demand that extends through other industries that are dependent on retail, like picking and packing, warehousing, manufacturing, general labor, quantity inspection, customer service, and so on. That’s why there are so many seasonal opportunities during the holidays. And after the holiday season passes, demand cools again, and so do the need for seasonal employees.  

Why Jobseekers Love Seasonal Employment 

Temp work used to get a bad rap. Many seasonal jobs were considered menial, transitory jobs where employees were poorly treated and often overworked. But that is no longer the case. Temp work is becoming increasingly common, even beyond the holiday season. More workers are turning to temp jobs for three main reasons: 


The primary reason job seekers love temp work is flexibility. Today’s workers cite flexibility as one of the top benefits they’re looking for in their next role, and seasonal work seems uniquely suited to allow the flexibility people are looking for. This is partly due to how some jobs are structured, whether they can be accomplished remotely or during non-traditional work hours. But it is also the result of a workforce that made it clear to employers how vital flexibility is to them, and employers have listened.  

Extra Cash 

It isn’t just flexibility that job seekers are looking for. Seasonal work is paying better than ever across roles and industries. And, many workers are picking up a side hustle or some temp work to help with seasonal expenses, pay down debt or put them in better financial standing for the new year. 

A Better Work/Life Balance 

The hard times we experienced during the pandemic put a lot into perspective about work and life. Where and when we work suddenly became very different concepts. But the most notable shift in the workforce was how we view work. 

Previously, upwardly mobile workers who wanted to grow their careers were defined by their willingness to fit their lives into work. 

But the paradigm has shifted. Workers flipped this work-first notion on its head and instead found better, more efficient ways to fit work into their lives. It’s a new way of looking at work not as a lesser priority but simply differently. Today’s workers can find a better work/life balance and still be upwardly mobile and in demand. And many people report they’re doing better work, more efficiently and are simply leading happier lives after securing a better work/life balance. 

Begin 2023 on a Strong Note with Seasonal Work 

However you plan on ending 2022, seasonal work can help you achieve your goals. Peoplelink Staffing has been a recruiting partner for countless workers. We bring people together with the jobs that fit in their life best. We can help, contact us or simply apply for a job today.