What Job Seekers Are Looking for During the Application Process

What Job Seekers Are Looking for During the Application Process

Your application process is critical to bringing the best talent aboard for your company. Knowing what job seekers are looking for when determining where they want to work and applying this knowledge can make your organization even more attractive. Follow these tips to attract top talent.

Here are several characteristics candidates are looking for when applying for a job.

Competitive Salary Range, Benefits, and Perks

Many candidates expect higher income than they did before the pandemic. Because their knowledge, skills, and experience can add increased value to an organization, job seekers want to be compensated accordingly. They also desire attractive benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans with employer matches, and paid time off. These incentives increase the value placed on a worker’s time. Perks such as flexible schedules, remote work options, and paid leave are beneficial as well. The more flexibility offered, the easier it is to integrate personal and professional responsibilities.

Attractive Company Culture

Job seekers want to know how your company’s mission, vision, and values impact the work environment, which is why demonstrating your culture is so important. For instance, share photos and videos of employees at work and company events on your website and social media platforms. Also, highlight employee stories and testimonials on employer review sites. Additionally, discuss in your job postings what a typical day in the role may include. Plus, talk about company culture during interviews.

Quick Application Process

Candidates expect to apply for a role within minutes. Your online application should be clear and concise. For instance, ask only the minimum required information, including general contact and background information. You can learn more during the interview stage. Also, make it easy to upload a cover letter and resume, which is much faster than manually entering education, skills, and work experience.

Visible Career Paths

Job seekers desire clear paths for career growth within an organization. This includes opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for promotions. Be sure to talk about on-the-job training, company-sponsored professional development, and other opportunities for career growth. Point out how managers help employees with goal setting, provide stretch assignments, and delegate tasks to elevate their careers.

Contact a Recruiter

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