4 Unique Tips for Winning the White-Hot War for Talent

4 Unique Tips for Winning the White-Hot War for Talent

If you want to win the war for talent, you could read any other how-to or what-you-need-to-know blogs out there, and you might make progress. What we’d recommend instead is doing what very few other companies are considering in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

Sometimes it takes a maverick idea to break the bottleneck in recruiting. So here are four unique ideas to help your company win the war on talent.  

1) Survey Your Current Employees 

If you’re one of the employers curious about how an internal employee survey can help you win the war for talent, perhaps it’s time to update our collective understanding of what is “internal.” 

These days, nothing is internal. 

For years, many job seekers have felt as though they didn’t matter in their company, that they’re only given vital company information on a need-to-know basis. And for many, that information was delivered in a cryptic, overly professional manner that only raised more questions than it provided clarity. 

That is perhaps why these days, job seekers are keenly looking for employers who value the input and observations of their employees. For those companies surveying their employees and delivering the results clearly and simply—word travels. Your employees talk, and prospective employees are deftly seeking out that information.  

Authenticity and transparency are some of the most sought-after qualities in company culture. Unfortunately, many companies still prefer to operate in the shadows, with little regard for their employees’ thoughts and feelings. Many of us have read their reviews on Glassdoor by employees who are more than happy to fill in the blanks for others. So how can you use surveys to demonstrate that your company walks out claims of authenticity? Keep reading.  

2) Post the Results of Internal Surveys 

What if, rather than depending on the rumors of your proactive employee survey to naturally (and slowly) make their way through the labor market, you beat them to the punch? 

Clearly, you will want to use discretion in what you share. But imagine you’re a job seeker, and you discover a company that openly discusses the findings of their employee survey—even possible shortcomings the survey revealed. You’d be communicating so many things:

  • Your employees are your priority. You listen to them and take meaningful action per their feedback. 
  • You’re doing more to create real, employee-driven change than just offering lip service. 
  • Just like job seekers, you value transparency in your company culture. 
  • You’re a brave company, unafraid to take the lead on possibly controversial subjects. 

Every company has its shortcomings, but what you plan to do about them makes all the difference to job seekers considering applying to your company. 

3) Empower Your Recruiters with DEI Initiatives  

Today’s job seekers are looking for work with companies that are up to date with their values and priorities. One of their top preferences is to know more about their prospective employer’s DEI initiatives. 

We’ve heard so many job seekers ask about our client’s DEI initiatives. Many companies are very guarded about this information. Most often, they provide very little information about their DEI initiatives, and that is often only covered in onboarding.  

The more you can provide recruiters with the information needed to not only answer applicants’ questions around DEI but provide unique insights to your specific initiatives, the better equipped you’ll be to win the war for talent.  

4) Reduce Lag-Time 

Working quickly is one of the most proactive measures your company can take to win the war for talent, and it’s not hard to understand why. Today’s job seekers are used to ordering gadgets on Amazon with same-day delivery. They’re looking for a similar experience in the interview process. 

There are several ways employers are hindering their recruiting efforts by taking too much time. Whether that’s:

  • Responding to an application 
  • Following up after an interview 
  • Delivering an offer after multiple interviews 

As they say, “the early bird gets the worm,” and that has never been truer than in recruiting talent.  

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